My barbecue is not heating to a high temperature?

Modified on Fri, 23 Sep 2022 at 10:20 AM

Typically the causes of lower temperatures across any barbecue range can be narrowed down to one of the following issues.

Use of butane instead of propane
Butane can be the cause of low temperatures and it does limit the performance of your barbecue. Propane is found to burn hotter and is recommended for most of our BBQs

Faulty bottle/Incorrectly Installed
Please ensure the gas bottle is no bigger than the recommended maximum size and is installed correctly with the base of the gas bottle on a flat level surface and not at an angle.

Faulty/Incorrect regulator
The majority of our BBQs are supplied with a regulator. If you are using your own regulator this could be the issue.

Faulty control knob
Sometimes a control knob could be faulty and not open the valve up fully which would restrict gas flow. It would be noticeable when all the burners are on and extremely unlikely to affect all burners. We are happy to troubleshoot this further if you can supply a video showing the burners when all lit. The other method is to remove the control knob and open the valve using pliers to their full capacity.

A blockage in the line restricting gas flow
Sometimes it is possible to get packaging/other blockages in the gas manifold which restricts the flow of gas. If you forward a video of you lighting the barbecue, showing the burners and the flame (without flame tamers installed) as well as showing the installation of the bottle and regulator being used we will be happy to troubleshoot further so your barbecue is functioning correctly.

If you think your BBQ is affected by any of the above please contact us with the relevant information and images/videos as outlined above

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